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World Empire 2027

Lead your country in an empire building turn based strategy war game · By iGindisGames


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Big update
Dear players, A new big update is up in all Empire 2027 games. (Android/IOS/PC) 1. New options in custom (sandbox) mode before starting game: * Allow Use of Nuc...
Turn off Audio Description
Dear players, In case you have issues with audio description and you want to turn it off. In the main screen of the game click A or F1 in the keyboard and it wi...
World Empire 2027 - Now available for Mac
Dear players, We are glad to announce that the game World Empire 2027 is now available for Mac. The more support we will get from our players the more we will d...
World Empire update version 3.4.8 - Huge change in game speed
Dear players, Finally we switched from a game local database to a memory type database. It means that the game speed is very…very…fast now :) ‎ Average ti...
World Empire - Version 3.1.8
Dear players, Version 3.1.8 is up and its including: * Improved game UI, speed and stability. * Updated many countries' armies, relations and economy based on r...
Version 3.1.7
Dear players, Version 3.1.7 is up * Fixed borders issues * Improved game speed , UI and stability. ‎* Updated many countries' armies, relations and economy ba...
Artificial Intelligence game speed breakthrough
Dear players, We are glad to announce that we discover a new option that will make a huge breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence game speed and it will come in...
Our plans for the next few months
Dear players, We want to update you on what we are working on in the next few months. Step 1: Finish the open beta in Android and very soon we will release it t...
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In the description of the game is written that the full version included all the difficulties and extra spy missions but...
started by FailCop Aug 10, 2022
1 reply
Hello bro in android the latest version of the game is 3.7.5 but on the latest version of the game for PC is...
started by Mahad(bilal) Jul 20, 2022
1 reply
hello bro we are keenly waiting for your all other games like asia empire, africa empire, europe empire, latin america e...
started by Mahad(bilal) Jun 13, 2022
2 replies