World Empire update version 3.4.8 - Huge change in game speed

Dear players, 

Finally we switched from a game local database to a memory type database. 
It means that the game speed is very…very…fast now :)  ‎  

Average time before the implementation in old Android devices was 45 seconds to pass a turn ‎and ‎now 2 seconds and the same for impossible difficulty with WWIII scenarios that have ‎millions of ‎calculations now takes 3 seconds in the same device. (Was before 2 minutes)  

‎ For PC we have amazing improvement also. 
In our old laptop PC that have 4GB ram with regular hard drive took 6 minutes to pass turn and ‎now we ‎the new version takes 3 seconds.‎

The game will support many more types of devices that were excluded before because of ‎memory ‎and this will allow us to add many more options to AI without being afraid of memory ‎load.  ‎  

Our special thanks goes to Inki who helped to achieve it. (Thank you for your amazing help)  

‎ Also improved the following: 
‎* Added in the relations news the option to filter countries by clicking on them. 
‎* Fixed the zoom countries names to be not blurred. 
‎* Updated many countries' armies, relations and economy based on real world data.‎
‎* Fixed reported issues and continue to improve Artificial Intelligence.‎
Please download the new version and continue to support us. 
We plan to add countless new scenarios, diplomacy & spies & war options, technologies, ‎online ‎multiplayer...‎
Your support is important to us to continue developing.‎
Thank you,‎
iGindis Team

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