Big update in all Empire 2027 games

Dear players,
A new big update is up in all Empire 2027 games. (Android/IOS/PC) 

1. New options in custom (sandbox) mode before starting game:
* Allow Use of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical weapons?
* Activate United Nations Active / Not Active

2. New options in diplomacy menu. You can find it in the diplomacy top right icon. Show all countries at war with your country, Show all countries allies with your country, Declare war on all the countries, Declare war on all neighbor's countries, filter and see only neighbor's countries relations.

3. New diplomacy option Military Assistance: Will allow you to send military equipment to other countries.
* Will show you a list of weapons you can send to your friends and allies.
* Once you send the equipment you cannot take it back or ask them to send you back.
* If you can use it the AI can use it as well.

We plan to add countless new scenarios, diplomacy & spies & war options, technologies, resources, online multiplayer...‎
The more support we will get from our players the more we will do.
Your support is important to us to continue developing.‎
Thank you,
iGindis Team 

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